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Automatic Car Wash

At Aditya Auto, we know the art and science of car servicing. Automatic Car wash system is designed for high definition quick car wash services for advanced age car lovers. In this concept, we are delivering our expertise to customers with customized technology and cleaning process. This is the best in class eco-friendly automatic car wash available in Jamnagar by Aditya Auto to meet the desired results in controlled operational as well as technical cost.

Aditya Auto has equipment that is highly efficient as well as economically sound. Automatic car wash equipment by Aditya Auto is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean your car. For Automatic car wash feel free to contact Aditya Auto!

Insurance Renew

Nowadays accidents are common and unavoidable. If by chance you are involved in one, after your policy has expired, it means you'd have to pay the money for the car damage at your own! Not a good idea, right?

Renewing your car insurance with Aditya Auto is simple. Based on your car make, model, age and other details, authorities can help you find the ideal policy for you. An agent from the insurance company will inspect, review and determine any pre-existing damages of your vehicle. Based on his conclusions, insurance may be provided for the Hyundai Car. Once the review has ended, you can buy a car insurance policy.

Extended Warranty

Buying a new vehicle is a big investment and you want to make sure it has a great life. Your car is protected for up to 3 years Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty, against all Mechanical and Electrical breakdowns. Also can avail extra 2 years extended warranty. By investing in an extended warranty you’re ensuring your vehicle will always receive the repairs it needs.

Annual Maintenance Contract

The car is an important asset and important personal investment. Annual Maintenance Contract at Aditya Auto is a service which takes the stress out of car care and maintenance. Annual Maintenance Contract offers precautionary maintenance and parts replacement annually.

This ensures trouble-free operations, hassle-free maintenance, periodic check-ups, scheduled servicing, and higher resale value. One can take up this service to make sure your car performs consistently well, prevents failure, and is stable enough to be on roads.

Annual Maintenance Contract includes services like intense check-ups, servicing, installation of new spare parts, wheel alignment, fuel replacement, balancing, repairs, and more depending upon the type of plan.

Waterborne Paint

Aditya Auto is proud to offer high-quality Hyundai car repainting using Waterborne paints. Waterborne paints have been decided as options to solvent-based paints. We strive to offer not only the highest quality vehicles to match our customers’ needs but also eco-friendly services to match the environment’s needs.

Waterborne paint is much reliable for the environment and for people than regular paints. Bring your Hyundai Car into Aditya Auto Foe a new coat of waterborne paint.

ETP Plant

As we all know that fast advancement in science and technology has made automobile industry as a fast emerging industry. Over the years, an immediate evolution in automobile industry results in improved productivity which in turn results in the emission of a greater amount of wastewater into the natural environment.

To overcome this scenario we have installed ETP Plant at Aditya Auto. Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is a system which involves various processes such as physical, chemical and biological processes to remove harmful pollutants from wastewater.

Quick Service Bay

At Aditya Auto we conduct free car services as per company policy. Providing this free service is a way to show you that your experience is far more crucial.

Get your vehicle service within 90 minutes from your arrival

After multiple usage and thousands of kilometres of running, there may be systems which require a little oiling and mechanisms which need a bit of work. 

Apart from mechanism hindrances, any other issues related with a car’s initial running are taken care of by our experts. Our aim is to ensure a complete free service for any roadblocks that may slow down your car utility.